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z31.com was started around 1994 out of frustration over the worthlessness of usenet and mailing lists. It had one of the first big automotive message board on the internet. It was housed on a college web server(a fancy bleeding edge Pentium 33) but got kicked off for using up too much bandwidth. A much better internet connection and a flurry of sucessive upgrades followed: Pentium 66, Pentium 90, Pentium 200, then a Pentium 750. The now retired server is an IBM e-Server purchased with money donated by members and has been in use since November 2004. Z31.com was moved to a shared host in October 2010.

z31.com is currently maintained by Morgan, Paul, Tom, and Steve. Past contributors are too numerous to list here.

If you are interested in contributing to z31.com please see our work contribution page.

If you have other needs that can't be met via this website, see our contact page.

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